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Steps involved in the immigration process

Posted by: | Posted on: October 11, 2021

Immigration process is quite a time taking and tough task. You might not know all the steps for immigration process. We are here to help you. In this article we will tell you the steps for immigration. Read all the steps thoroughly and then you will be all set to apply for your immigration.

What are the steps for immigration process?

  1. Appeal Submission

The principal step for immigration process is the appeal submission on your own or through the top immigration consultants in Delhi. After submitting an appeal, you have to wait for it to get accepted then only you can proceed further.

  • Visa Processing

Then comes the time for visa processing. This is the most crucial step because sometimes there are issues when your visa is getting processed and it can get rejected. Don’t take your hopes up after the appeal submission. Wait for the visa processing.

  • Fees Payment

There is nothing you can get for free. So, when your visa is finally processed, take a deep breath and thank God. Then pay the fees. There are two ways of paying the fees; either online or in banks. It is up to you whatever you choose. There is waiting of one week after the fees payment and then the process proceeds further.

  • Online Form

If you don’t want to go the immigration office and submit the documents and form, you can simply fill an online form and submit the documents there. This is easier than going out and getting stuck in heavy traffic.

  • Documents

You have to submit all the documents that are mentioned in the application. The documents should be properly scanned so all the information on your documents is clearly visible. Also, keep the documents in an order specified in the application.

  • Interview Planning

Make sure you prepare yourself well for the interview. There are some most common questions that could be asked from you in your interview. You can search those questions on the internet and plan the answers beforehand.

  • Interview Day

This is the last step of all your hard work. Try to give your best on this day so you will be forever proud and grateful to yourself.

These were all the steps for immigration process. Make sure you follow them in order to have successful immigration process. View website for details.

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