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Things to consider before buying a commercial safe

Posted by: | Posted on: November 30, 2020

Finding a reliable safe is a daunting task. When you visit the safe market, you will find many types of safes of different qualities and varieties. So, it is hard to find good quality safe among so many choices. Therefore, before buying a safe, determine your needs, whether you are looking for safes for office use or domestic use. The safe you buy depends on your requirements.

However, before buying commercial safes, you should consider the following things that we are going to discuss.

The size of the safes you want to buy:

Before deciding on buying safe, determine the sizes you want to buy for your needs. Safes companies frequently get feedback from thousands of customers that they bought a bigger or smaller safe. However, there is no need to complain about as a bigger safe is always a wise choice rather than buying smaller safes.

Gun safes are not created equally:

Nowadays, gun safes are the most famous safes in the market. These safes are available in all types of sizes and styles. Most, gun safes are made of thin metal, which does not provide suitable security from fire or burglary. So, how to choose gun safes?  The first thing that should consider before buying guns safes is the thickness of material (metal), locking mechanism, fire ratings, and construction.

Burglary ratings:

Why do you want to buy safely? You want to protect your precious and expensive items from thieves and burglars. Therefore, before choosing a safe, you should look for burglary ratings. The best way to identify the ratings is UL ratings, which are also known as Underwriters Laboratories. This laboratory is responsible for cracking testing of the safe, then rates them according to their quality.

Fire rating:

Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) is responsible for fire testing of safes. This testing depends on time value, where labs absorb how much time safes can survive in the high temperature up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. Mostly, they set a time from 45 minutes to three hours to expose the interior of safe boxes. Underwriters ‘Laboratories (UL) also provide fire testing facility to customers.


Weight is the most important thing to consider when it comes to buying hotel digital safes. The safe, which is easy to pick up, is not suitable and secure for your belongings. Therefore, consider heavier safe, which is harder to remove.

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