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Ingredients of Chinese recipes

Posted by: | Posted on: December 28, 2020

People who like to have different cuisine will definitely try for the Chinese recipes and they will get to know about the taste and the spices of that cuisine very well. There will be lesser ingredients with very light spices in that along with the addition of Ajinomoto which you may not find in many of the other cuisines of the world. You will get to add it in the chicken recipes and it will give them a different taste. It is like the Chinese salt which they use instead of the normal salt so if you want to try Chinese recipes then it is necessary that you have Ajinomoto in your kitchen. Here are some of the ingredients you will also use:

Black pepper: In all the Chinese recipes you will get to add black pepper instead of the red pepper which is normally used in the other cuisines. You will have to add a little amount of it because it is very sharp in taste and if you add too much of that then you will not get the exact taste like the Chinese cuisine. Chinese people will like to add very little spices in their food so they will not be very spicy and you have to develop that taste first otherwise you will not like the food no matter how much effort you put in to that.

Vinegar: Most of the Chinese recipes have a tangy taste in them and they will get that taste from vinegar. You need to have white vinegar in your house before you start trying your hands on the Chinese recipes. When you are adding vinegar then you have to be very careful because it will give a strange taste like the rotten meal however the meal is not rotten so you have to add it in a quantity which is mentioned in the recipe.

Soy sauce: It is another basic ingredient used in the Chinese cuisine and you have to get that. You can also use that in other recipes too because it has a great taste. You should add a little amount of salt when you are adding soy sauce because it has also the salty taste and if you add both of them in bigger quantities then your meal will become bitter and no one will eat that.

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