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Importance Of Instruments In A Recording Studio

Posted by: | Posted on: November 15, 2020

Many studios including Dubai recording studios have their own instruments and equipment to facilitate the singers and musicians. But in many studios the artists carry their instruments, speakers etc. with them to the studio. It is so helpful for the artists to keep the instrument and useful equipment and other accessories in the studio. It facilitates the musicians and bands and save their time to carry big and heavy instruments with their selves. As many cabinets and equipment are hard to carry and takes much time to be handled carefully. There are many other benefits that includes the instruments like microphones can be setup at their appropriate places near the instruments and save the time to be managed in studios again and again.

Most Used Instruments in the Studio

Some important and most used instruments of the recording studio include;

  • Hammond organ and Leslie speaker
  • Fender Rhodes electric piano
  • Wurlitzer electric piano
  • Grand Piano
  • MIDI keyboard or piano
  • Vintage Synthesizers
  • Keyboard Amplifiers
  • Acoustic drum kit (DRUMS AND STANDS)
  • Bass amplifiers and cabinet
  • Guitar amplifier and speaker cabinets
  • Vintage guitars with basses

The types of instruments and brands totally depends on the styles and quality of the music. The big studios that record the songs for big projects have high quality accessories and equipment and hire best singers and bands. On the other side, the small studios have instruments of normal quality and do not perform big projects as they cannot afford such expensive instruments and equipment for the studio.

Role of Recording Studios For Voice Over

Recording studios are used to record songs and voice over for documentaries, serials and movies. Voice over plays a key role for any documentary, commercial, series or movies. The voice over artist should be selected perfectly to win the hearts of the audience. The actor knows how to perform the ups and downs of the voice according to the requirements. The movies and commercials are dubbed in multiple languages in different recording studios. Countries prefer their national language over other languages and therefore they dub their films series and movies in their own languages like Arabic voice over Dubai.

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