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Get the answers to most frequent questions about warranties

Posted by: | Posted on: October 11, 2021

Cars are the essential part of any person living in cities because they have to travel a lot within or out of the city and they have to get their own vehicle otherwise there will be a great problem for them in travelling. When you get a new car then you need to get the warranty along with that because it will help you in getting the best experience with your car. There will be extended warranty car too which you can use so you have to make sure that you are going to have one of them and then some of the questions will come to you mind and you can get their answers in the website here:

What is the method of online warranty checking?

There is different website in different countries where you can check the warranty of your car and you have to just know that you only need the number of your warranty card and nothing else. When you put the number of your warranty card then they will provide you information about whether you still have the warranty or not and also the last date to avail this will be mentioned there too.

For how much time there will be factory warranty?

First you need to understand that factory warranty comes with new cars only and if you are getting an older one then you will not get it unless the seller is a genuine person and he provide you the papers and still have the opportunity to avail this. For new cars you there will be a 3 year warranty or warranty of few thousand miles. Check that on the papers of your car and then check the mileage of your car and you will know whether you still have it not.

How to get warranty money back?

When you have the extended warranty then you can get it cancelled at any time in the period of time written on it and then you will get your money back which is remaining and you didn’t use that so you have to first know about what you will get back in this case. If you are paying loan with that warranty then you will not get the payment off and it will deducted from your loan so you have to pay less after that.

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