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Clean Office, Safe environment, Healthy Working!

Posted by: | Posted on: November 26, 2020

Cleanliness is a norm. Being humans, we have inborn instincts of keeping ourselves and our surrounding clean. We are liable to keep our society, our country and the world as a whole, clean. Our workplace is like our second home. Do we take care of our office environment? Have you ever given any suggestion to your boss about cleaning the office premises on regular basis apart from daily mopping and sweeping?

Offices throughout the world imply cleaning tools like vacuum cleaner, mop, broom and air fresheners on daily basis for cleaning the office premises. However, in today’s context of Covid-19 pandemic, we need a lot more than these commonly used tools in the past.

Cleaning all surface areas of the office with an appropriate chemical disinfectant is a must. High frequency touch points like door handles, keyboards, tables and chairs, lift buttons etc. must be sanitized using techniques to minimize cross contamination.

Moreover, it is necessary to keep windows open for some time during the day for cross ventilation. The carpets in offices tend to accumulate dust particles and allergens which may harm employees who are prone to develop breathing problems from airborne mites. Vacuuming only does not eliminate the hazards.

Proper cleaning service teams are the best solution for commercial cleaning and disinfecting specially in the current scenario. Cleaning professionals use high quality standardized chemicals and products for sanitizing. The task teams are trained to provide flawless deep cleansing services in every square inch of the specified area.

At present, if there has been a confirmed Covid-19 case in your office, the cleaning team will seal off the suspected contaminated areas. They will also tend to carpet cleaning Abu Dhabi. They use standardized disinfectants to spread like fog and clear all the surfaces within a matter of minutes, followed by mopping the floor with bleach and wiping all surfaces from door knobs to window blinds.

The cleaning procedures in the year 2020 have taken a huge turn and the application of professional cleaning services has become a necessity in all commercial spaces. Keeping our offices clean will keep our employees healthy and working. The employees are the backbone of an organization; our efforts to keep our premises clean for them will motivate them to work harder and harder with ultimate peace of mind.

Apart from offices, there are companies that also offer house cleaning services Abu Dhabi.

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