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Posted by: | Posted on: October 11, 2021

Steps of cleaning to get the best results

People who need to do the cleaning process on their own have to know different steps of cleaning as well because they need to clean everything in detail whether they are doing it occasionally or they have to do that on daily basis. You need to go to the cleaning chemicals suppliers in UAE and then they will provide you some mild chemicals which you can use at your home without any problem or any professional supervision but you have to use them according to the instructions given by the supplier. Then you have to follow the steps:

Grab your vacuum:

First thing is that you have to grab your vacuum cleaner Dubai if you have a carpet in your house and you can also use that on the floor too but they better work with the carpets and for floor you have to get the broom and take all the dust from the floor on a dust pan in order to dump that in to the dust bin. When you are finishes using these two things then here come the next steps.

Grab a mop:

You need to get a mop along with the basket in which you have to take water and then use that to clean your mop while using it. You have to wet the mop but it should not drip water out of it because it will make your floor wet and you may slip on that. You have to use the damp mop on your floor so that it will get clean according to your requirement. You have to get the mop with longer handle so you can use that without bending as it may hurt your back over time.

Drab a duster:

After that you have to take a duster and you can take a brush or a cloth for this purpose and then you need to clean all the surfaces like the countertops, picture frames and everything that you will see in your house as these may get the dust while using broom or when you open the windows of your house. You need to be careful in this step and if you have any kind of dust allergy then you need to wear a mask so no dust will go in to your nose or mouth otherwise you will be sick.

Posted by: | Posted on: October 11, 2021

Importance of disinfection and cleaning

Cleaning is an essential part of our lives and ever since the rise of the pandemic. It is the most important part of our lives. The only thing that will keep people from contracting the virus is to clean our own selves and also the surroundings. Many people disinfected their homes during the pandemic several times. Even if one does not contract the corona virus but any other disease, it is really hard these days to go to a hospital due to lock down and due to the fact that hospitals are the red zones because COVID patients are being treated there. So the only thing people could do to keep themselves safe from diseases is cleaning.

After almost 10 months, lock downs are eased up in several cities and people who were stuck somewhere else other than their homes were able to go back to their homes and the first thing that they have to do is cleaning and disinfecting the whole place before settling there.

Disinfection services in Dubai are really good and people who are currently living in Dubai should go for it. Also, if you have plans to settle there anytime soon then move in cleaning in Dubai services are really amazing and one should definitely do it before settling permanently.

Even if someone cannot afford these services then they should not worry because there are so many tips and tricks to clean and disinfect homes yourself. First, wear gloves and face masks then clean every surface with soap and water or with clean towels (for things you cannot put water on) especially frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, kitchen slabs, tables, chairs, bathroom counters, toilet seats, light and fan switches etc. should be cleaned daily. After cleaning them, disinfect each surface with a good quality disinfectant. Isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide are available in pharmacies at really cheap rates and are good disinfectants if you cannot afford other branded disinfectants.

For your own ease, buy spray disinfectants as they save a lot of time and are really convenient to use. After cleaning the house, do not forget to take a bath and change your own clothes because there is a higher chance that there might be germs on your clothes and even on your own self. And do not forget to clean all the remote in your homes e.g. television remote, air conditioner remote or game controllers and your mobile phones. Clean those twice in a day because they are the most used devices in a house.