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Posted by: | Posted on: November 11, 2020

Weird Things Found on Facebook Market Place

The world is filled with weird things and to some they are fascinating and interesting as well. we have seen many people discover some weird things but these strange these have proven to the best kind of income for them because these strange things can be sold easily and the buyers are sometimes weirder. No matter what the thing is, the world is beautiful and yet it is full of people and creatures and things that must remain hidden for the well being of people as well. The world is going more and more digital with each passing day and there are one of the big names on the internet and one of many is the Facebook.

It is a social media platform that connects millions and billions of people every day and that again, it is in this world that is full of strange things that is why the Facebook has some weird things found on it as well. According to some companies who do Facebook marketing, they found some weird and strange things on the Facebook Market Place. You must be wondering that what is Facebook market place, well this is a place where you get to sell and buy things and that is specifically made for the businesses done on Facebook and there are some strange finds as well, so keep reading to know more about them;

Angry Pies: we know that the Halloween is the best holiday and there was a baker who made some really disturbing pies and these looked like human faces that has no eyes and no teeth and they were smiling.

An old telephone: now this can be interesting because people like to collect things and there was a seller who was selling an old telephone and a telephone booth with it.

Airpod: airpods are expensive and if you lose either of one, then the whole thing has no advantage and that is why there was a seller on Facebook market place who might have lost one airpod and he was selling his other piece of airpod.

Straws: we all love McDonald’s and if we don’t find anything to eat meaning to say that we don’t make up our mind on what to eat our only stop is at McDonalds and there was a seller on Facebook market place who sold McDonald’s straws.

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Posted by: | Posted on: November 9, 2020

What are offshore companies and their benefits?

Offshore companies are those companies which are set up in some other country and not in the country where a stakeholder resides. It is simply a company that is not in the same country where its officers, directors, shareholders, members, and partners reside or live.

Why are these offshore companies formed?

Offshore companies are set up to take advantage of the laws of other countries. Such advantages or benefits mean like tax savings, asset protection from lawsuits, or simply to benefits of overseas business opportunities.

Are offshore companies legal?

People assume that offshore companies are set up by criminals and corrupt people so that they do not have to pay tax and also hide their money which is earned through illegal means. But some people set up offshore companies legally and for legitimate work. They do it to enjoy foreign business benefits that they cannot in their countries due to certain laws and regulations.

What are the benefits of having an offshore company?

The first benefit of an offshore company is not having to pay tax or pay less tax money but in a legal way. The companies which are filed in one country but are operated in another exempt you from tax because all your business activities are done in another country and not in the one you reside. For example, if you reside in Pakistan but you have a company in Hong Kong then you do not have to pay tax in Pakistan because physically your business or company is in Hong Kong.

The other benefit is intellectual property protection as well as protection from lawsuits. You also preserve your wealth through offshore companies.

Foreign countries provide a lot of opportunities for your business or company to grow which your own or the country you reside in does not like investing and trading in foreign markets or in purchasing real estate.

Hence, foreign companies are good for you to legally avoid hefty amounts of tax. A person who has an offshore company also enjoys the benefit of the law of that country where he chooses to set his company. You save a lot of money that could have gone into tax if you establish your business in the same country in which you live. If you want to set up your business in UAE, then you should look up to on the Internet for either shams free zone sharjah or shams free zone license. These cities will provide you with better opportunities in business.

Posted by: | Posted on: October 13, 2020

Fun things you can do with Google home

Fun things you can do with Google home

Google home is a lot more than just plain audio visual Dubai. Almost every household owns a google home but only few know about the wonders which it can do except for being the speakers in your party. Keep on reading to find out what speakers can do for you:

  • A lot of people like to hear something before they fall asleep and this is something which google home can very easily bring to you. Just ask it to play white sound and set a sleep timer and enjoy your sleep.
  • How many times has it happened that you have wanted to tell something to your family member upstairs and it was the mobile which saved you? Well, now you can make google home do that task by broadcasting your messages all across the house to all the google devices at the same time.
  • Google home can now control more than thousand home devices in your home which means that you can now dim your lights, switch on your AC, stop your microwave and everything else with just your voice.
  • Google home recognizes voices so if you ask google home to call mom it will know whose mom we are talking about here which means it is not going to get confused in dialing your grandma’s number thinking it is your mom who commanded.
  • How many times have you forgot your phone in the most random place in your house and have not been able to fine it? Well no more because Google home can find your phone by ringing it which makes it easier to navigate.
  • Play as many and as loud party songs you like because this small device is giving a chase to some major sound system companies in Dubai for their business. It’s probably one of the most useful devices across your home whenever you are in a party mood.
  • With our busy schedules it is common to forget about even the important tasks let alone remember about our favorite TV show’s season finale. If you would really like to stay on schedule, then ask Google home to remind you about the telecast and it will.

Boredom kills everyone. Especially now in the lockdown of coronavirus there is nothing we can do but Google home can surely tell you some jokes to lighten up your mood.