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Fun things you can do with Google home

Posted by: | Posted on: October 13, 2020
Fun things you can do with Google home

Google home is a lot more than just plain audio visual Dubai. Almost every household owns a google home but only few know about the wonders which it can do except for being the speakers in your party. Keep on reading to find out what speakers can do for you:

  • A lot of people like to hear something before they fall asleep and this is something which google home can very easily bring to you. Just ask it to play white sound and set a sleep timer and enjoy your sleep.
  • How many times has it happened that you have wanted to tell something to your family member upstairs and it was the mobile which saved you? Well, now you can make google home do that task by broadcasting your messages all across the house to all the google devices at the same time.
  • Google home can now control more than thousand home devices in your home which means that you can now dim your lights, switch on your AC, stop your microwave and everything else with just your voice.
  • Google home recognizes voices so if you ask google home to call mom it will know whose mom we are talking about here which means it is not going to get confused in dialing your grandma’s number thinking it is your mom who commanded.
  • How many times have you forgot your phone in the most random place in your house and have not been able to fine it? Well no more because Google home can find your phone by ringing it which makes it easier to navigate.
  • Play as many and as loud party songs you like because this small device is giving a chase to some major sound system companies in Dubai for their business. It’s probably one of the most useful devices across your home whenever you are in a party mood.
  • With our busy schedules it is common to forget about even the important tasks let alone remember about our favorite TV show’s season finale. If you would really like to stay on schedule, then ask Google home to remind you about the telecast and it will.

Boredom kills everyone. Especially now in the lockdown of coronavirus there is nothing we can do but Google home can surely tell you some jokes to lighten up your mood.

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